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Leadership Courses

Leading from a Distance

This course is crucial for anyone managing a geographically-dispersed team. The course guides participants through the labyrinth of problems that so often derail virtual teams. As our global businesses become increasingly complex, managers are left to their own devices to figure out how to lead from a distance. This course provides tools, checklists, models, and practical recommendations for working and leading in the nontraditional workplace.

The Leadership Development Program

Organizations that invest in the professional development of their current and future leaders recognize the power of employee potential to elevate their organizational mission, vision, and values . FLI’s customized leadership program is designed to bring participants together in a learning environment that promotes internalizing and practicing the concepts of solution-focused leadership. The course is tailored to build an individual and organizational leadership capacity with executive-centered or team coaching, and aligns with models such as Resilient Leadership. Participants are carefully guided in the leadership development process so congruence between organizational and individual goals is assured, including the option of 1-on-1 coaching. FLI is committed to helping organizations build leaders who inspire, engage, innovate, and lead with purpose.

Tactical Leadership

Tactical Leadership is a comprehensive, up-to-date, and practical method of effectively managing and developing people, time, and resources. It is designed to increase the frequency and quality of conversations about performance and development between managers and employees so competence is developed, commitment is gained, and talented individuals are retained.

The Leader’s Voice

This course is designed to help participants determine their strengths and areas of development as a communicator and learn how to “flex” their style to be more effective with others. Participants will learn how to generate presence and charisma to command respect, and how to effectively translate their “leadership voice” in emails.This course will teach participants how to choose the right strategy to motivate others and how to conduct difficult conversations when coaching teams.

Solution-Focused Leadership

Participants will learn to inspire others, discover what is required for people to feel self empowered, take charge of their own problems, think outside the box, and to lead their organization in a time of dramatic change and limited resources. Through a didactic approach participants will explore the 5 solution-focused principles and the training will include application of the principles in helping leaders clearly define expectations and eliminate misunderstandings in the workplace.

Leading Teams

Participants will learn the best practices of proficient team leaders. Through case studies, scenarios and role-playing exercises, participants acquire the confidence to put this knowledge to use and make the teams they lead successful.