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Felix Nater

Security Consultant

“Felix is a true inspiration and an amazing safety and security professional. His approach to this industry should serve as the standard for all practitioners.” ~Jason Destein, Securable Alternatives

Felix P. Nater, CSC is an experienced-based, expertise-centered client focused workplace violence prevention security management consultant who helps organizations make the best buying decisions in addressing their immediate and future needs. I am not a psychiatrist, psychologist or a social worker. My experiences did not come from sitting in a classroom analyzing data. But, I’ll guaranty you that everything I know comes from direct involvement from working in your environments conducting incident assessments, solving problems and addressing training concerns. I know that I am rarely the 1st consultant that’s called. However, I am the need that results in the call. The advice I provide my clients is proactive and designed to address specific questions so that the buying decision is intentiona. All I do is facilitate the discussion.

I believe that the client should never be sold anything that they really don’t need for the sake of making the sale or that I can do it all. I further believe that it is my duty to insure that clients know what services will address their needs and understanding that they are entitled to derive the best value. My ultimate desire is to create a trusting but lasting relationship that comes to rely on sound advice and support, consistent with their current needs while addressing future needs.

I will not allow my clients to buy on emotion only when there is a practical long-term solution that is cost-effective, suitable and appropriate. It is my desire and interest to promote services to all my clients so that they are in a better position to address their problems and concerns without waiting for me to pitch or sell. In other words, I will arm my Clients and Prospects with sufficient information that will allow them to ask specific questions in addressing their issues.


  • Workplace violence prevention
  • Security management


President, Nater Associates, Ltd.