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At FLI we know that transforming a community first begins with identifying the needs by recognizing the gap between where we are and where we want to be.

Our teams of education and healthcare professionals are dedicated to improving the lives of children and families with the higher purpose of enriching communities long-term. We understand that the most effective way to be a catalyst of change is by speaking to the people who have faced the challenges themselves. Through our extensive network of community partners, devoted group of employees and engrained culture of collaboration, we are able to assess, implement and execute tried and true programs for lasting results.

Program Development

Assessing needs and determining our clients’ desired outcome is the foundation behind creating effective programs. Whether we’re implementing a small scale program to an individual workshop or executing a large scale effort to a comprehensive community initiative, the principles remain the same regardless of the scope. By hiring the best SMEs in the field and applying findings from the latest research, our teams are able to devise an ongoing systematic process that is followed from implementation through evaluation and ultimately, completion.

Grantee Support

FLI has had vast experience providing strategic, tactical and field-related support to grantees across a variety of sectors and programs. With a focus on capacity-building and great leadership, grantee support has included one-on-one consultations, technical assistance, leadership development, website development, prospect research and resource expansion.