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Alex Vidales

Mindfulness Coach

“Alex is highly talented and accomplished in the areas of finding, securing, and developing talented employees. He’s an excellent coach, sounding board, and mentor.” ~Erik Stadnik

“Through his relationships at the company, Alex became an expert in company culture, which led to him becoming The Motley Fool’s Spirit Guide. Alex’s openness, fairness, honesty, generosity, and sense of fun helped so many [of us at The Motley Fool] find [our] callings and excel.” ~Chad Wolfsheimer, Head of Cybersecurity & CIS, The Motley Fool

Alex collaborates with employees, customers, and shareholders at all levels through creative endeavors, traditional means and cultural discovery that adds value, increases performance, elevates morale and develops self awareness of strengths and weaknesses both for organizations and their employees.

Alex has 13 years developing the culture and physical workplace while at The Motley Fool during which was voted Washington’s Best Places to Work. He designed, along with FORM Architects, the award winning 5th floor of TMF HQ at 2000 Duke Street. He also spearheaded, developed and launched the sensitivity training as well as the mentor, high performance and artist-in-residency programs at The Motley Fool. As Spirit Guide at The Motley Fool, he focused exclusively on aligning high performers with their personal passions to create new positions and positional success metrics. Alex has appeared on the WPFW’s Business Matters, WERA’s syndicated radio show 
D.C. Music Rocks, What’s Journalism Podcast and the JellyVision Podcast.


  • Team Issue Resolution
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Team Building Events
  • Guided Meditation
  • Sensitivity Training with Emphasis on Self-Respect
  • Group Mindfulness Exercises
  • Podcasting